Mooresville WallMooresville may tempt you to stay for good! Whether you pull into town to explore the shops on Main Street, to possibly bump into your favorite Nascar driver, or to land a trophy bass, plan on staying a spell and enjoying a sample of all this great city has to offer. The downtown area has evolved over the years, adding amenities like the town’s centerpiece – Mooresville Citizen Center, eclectic boutiques and fine restaurants.

Mooresville DowntownThe Mooresville Recreation and Parks Department offers Mooresville residents many facilities and programs for activities during leisure hours, inluding nine parks that contain a variety of activities. The Town of Mooresville also has a regulation par-72 golf course open to the public year-round as a self-supporting department of the Town. Lastly, the Mooresville Public Library provides educational, informational, recreational, and cultural resources for people of all ages and interests.

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